September 03, 2004

September Musings

September is one of my favorite months. There's something about the rhythm of the changing seasons that I find predictable and comforting. And since autumn is my favorite time of the year, September, that funny place between the end of summer and the real autumn (which in my mind translates to October and November), is the harbinger of many things that please me.

To start with, it's hard to beat the autumn weather. More often than not, we have sunny skies and crisp temperatures. I'm a weather moderate -- I hate the heat and humidity of summer, and lately I'm not too fond of winter, either. Autumn is pretty much perfect in regard to temperature, and in New England, the changing foliage and the smell of the leaves all combine to delight my senses. As someone who enjoys the pleasures of hearth and home, I look forward to changing my dinner menus from the lighter fare of summer to the soups and stews that colder weather demand of us.

For school kids, September of course marks the beginning of another academic year. Like most kids, I had mixed emotions about it back then, and I never cease to be surprised as some of those feelings reawaken year after year. As the evening skies darken earlier and I reach for a sweater when I go out to walk in the evening, I'm filled, even after all this time, with the anticipation of new beginnings.


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