January 18, 2006

The Continuing Saga of Willow, and I Settle Into 2006

Willow is becoming quite the entertainer. She spent a good deal of time downstairs today, coming down for breakfast this morning, and then accompanying me down after I changed my clothes when I got home from work. She hung around and played for a while, and then ate dinner. After that, she ran Oscar around the dining room for a while (he looks put out, but I think he's secretly having fun), scratched on the scratching post, and then headed up for a post-dinner nap. She allowed me to pick her up twice this afternoon, with no scratching.

Bryan is back in school, and this has been our first "normal" week back at work since the holidays. I've been feeling strangely energized this past week - and I'm hoping to take advantage of that. I'm trying to set some goals for the year in various areas of my life, and last night I asked Stephe if he would help me settle on one for tai chi. I'm going to start going to the Wednesday night class, which is going to be an interesting mix of discussion, book club, philosophy and assorted other 'non-sweaty' stuff (to use his term), and it sounds like it will round out the Tuesday class nicely.

This weekend I'm in the studio come hell or high water.


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