February 05, 2006

Growing Old Disgracefully

The Rolling Stones are clearly role models for my generation. Good grief, that was some kick-ass half-time show. Kinda makes me want to vow to go kicking and screaming into old age. Gnarly and energetic, and clearly loving what they do - much better than those golden seniors you see in the AARP ads, if you ask me. That's the way I wanna do it.


At 1:12 AM, February 06, 2006, Blogger Bryan McKay said...

Ironic post, as I had been thinking personally about how rather sad the Stones had become. Perhaps from your generational perspective it's nice to see them still alive and kicking after all these years, but there is something sort of sad to see a former symbol of youthful rebellion and counterculture perform at the Super Bowl, of all events.

There is perhaps nothing less rock and roll - nothing less sexy - than performing at the Super Bowl. This is the event that managed to turn the (questionable) eroticism of Janet Jackson's nipple into a "wardrobe malfunction," mind you.

The Stones may still rock, but they feel like a shell of their former selves. Their relevance has dimmed. Despite their recent touring and new album, they're still a tribute act. But they are not even a tribute act to the Stones of the 60s and 70s. They're a tribute act to the Stones of the 80s, perhaps, which were in turn a tribute act to the Stones during their more relevant period.

Give it up, guys. Jagger looked like Dad dancing around in the living room.

The Stones have achieved a sort of nullity.

At 9:20 AM, February 06, 2006, Blogger Lisa McKay said...

Generational perspective indeed, and not something I'll expect you to understand until you've been there, done that, I suppose.

I have no quibble with your assessment of their place in today's scence - there is certainly no place less rock and roll than the Super Bowl, and I won't argue that they lost their musical relevance a long time ago.

But - and here's the part you won't get for a while yet - there's something rather life-affirming about them. A lot of the reflections of the current 'me' (or perhaps the 'soon to become me' in terms of actual years) I see in the media are none too positive - those senior citizens doing gentle tai chi in the Depends ads, for example, or the folks hawking cheap life insurance to the over-55 crowd - and on the other hand, we have the Stones - they're vital, they're in good shape, and they're not afraid to strut it. I hope they don't take your advice (and Dad never looked like that dancing around the living room, I swear).

And to close, I'll remind you that they were the very first band that I saw perform live, when I was just a wee tot (okay, I was 14 or 15), and there's something nice about the fact that we're all still around and doing whatever it is we do, which is another thing I don't expect you to get for another couple of decades.

At 11:28 AM, August 09, 2007, Anonymous Lisa McKay said...

Hi Lisa-

I just wanted to say "hi". I live in Austin, Texas.

Lisa D. McKay


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